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RHA Accountants


At RHA Accounting we have over 35 years of practical Accounting experience. We place a strong emphasis on assisting clients with, and managing, the completion of all taxation and compliance requirements, diligently and on time. RHA has developed a respectful approach to assisting clients with late lodgement of taxation returns, with excellent outcomes. Whether it is one year’s tax return or a number of outstanding lodgements, RHA Accounting seek to obtain the desired result for every client.

It is our belief that any profession is first and foremost a relationship business. In choosing who you, as a client, wish to work with, we believe that it is important that you choose someone that you like, can relate to and feel comfortable discussing all manner of business, financial and personal information. We pride ourselves on our dealings with our clients as your accountant and confidential advisor.

Through our knowledge and experience we will provide the right advice, goals and implementation strategy for your success and growth, for all of our clients – individuals, investment & business, small and large. This knowledge and experience extends to many allied areas of compliance, financial planning, lending and business consulting. We regularly refer to, and direct, other specialists for the best outcomes for our clients.

Our dedicated team of professionals always listens to clients, helping them to identify opportunities and to overcome problems, and knowing what advice and action is required to achieve best results. At RHA we not only provide the advice but we assist in all aspects of implementing recommendations. We operate a close relationship with many clients often including preparation of regular reports and chairing regular meetings for better business management. We focus on growing with our clients and maintaining our relationships over a lifetime – from the commencement of a new business, to day-to-day operation of the business and eventually into the sale of business and retirement aspects of our client’s lives.