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Its no use having the best looking website with awesome functionality if nobody knows you exist – bit like having Myer or David Jones in the Sahara dessert. That’s where well written and SEO optimised pages will deliver quality targeted visitors to your site.

Search engines’ algorithms’ insistence on quality has changed the sphere of article writing for SEO. There was a time when all you had to concentrate on was the keywords and just fit them in whether they made sense in the sentence or not, you cannot get away with it now.  Only creative writers who have full command over the language can do justice to the demands of the search engines. And rightly so. Why treat the online readers any differently? Don’t they have a right to read sensibly written and informative articles?

Nothing gives writing more power than strong, relatable examples. Avoid the purely theoretical by using case studies when talking about a product’s success or focusing on one customer’s story. Find points of connection in news or pop culture to give your reader a frame of reference. These tangible stories will stay with them longer than facts or numbers.

Look at the UNIQUE VISITORS we regularly deliver for one of our clients proving our SEO actually works ! Those unique visitors basically translate into a new customer walking into a bricks and mortar storefront so if you look at the numbers below that equates to over two hundred potential clients EVERY DAY. You might think that is not much at all BUT considering this business is a small tyre and mag wheel shop its starts to get more impressive. Its not a major tyre chain but a family business and they are very very pleased with the results since we became involved in creating their website.

seo gympie